Shinn Kiteboard ADHD Sunset 137 x 41Kite Board

Shinn Kiteboard ADHD Sunset 137 x 41Kite Board


Shinn Kiteboard ADHD Sunset 137 x 41Kite 2017 Board


Premium Wakestyle

OPTIONAL SRS-1 Sneaker foot pads & straps


Split Concave 
90 degree entry for improved edge grip at speed and buttery smooth landings.

Double Stepped 
Tips improve carving POP whilst maintaining upwind drive

137 x 41 – optimized for lighter riders in boots and all riders with straps


Constant Curve Rocker creates confidence inspiring control in all conditions

OPTIONAL 43mm BITE fins but rides without for use on features

Insane POP and power handling for powered freestyle and wakestyle.

The vertical entry of Shinn's new Split Concave offers more edge grip when using smaller fins, increases the stiffness through the centre of the board and works to split the water on landing leading to much softer re-entries.

The Double Stepped Tips not only re-direct water as it exists the boards reducing drag but also increases the rocker in the centre of the deck. This rail to rail variable rocker provides a board that has fantastic upwind ability and light wind drive and yet retains the aggressive POP wake style riders are looking for.

Stiff enough to perform and yet comfortable enough to enjoy riding in “less than ideal” conditions the all new ADHD Sunset has a proven competition heritage and is a treat for the aspiring freestyler and wakestyle aficionado alike.



In a quest to discover the ultimate connection Shinn turned to both the winter and two wheeled sports for inspiration. Tested and approved through many seasons the ratchet system had been time and again proven to provide reliable, trouble free and micro adjustable service. Easy one click adjustment ensure even the most demanding rider can find the perfect set up for their feet.





Shinn ADHD Kiteworld Review




The ADHD is Shinn’s specialist wakestyle / freestyle twin-tip, but it’s always managed to offer us a little something more than just being an out-and-out, stiff performance weapon.

Firstly that deep rocker line and softness in the tips is very pleasing out here in the big winds and big seas of Cape Town where we’re constantly pre-jumping waves and then boosting off ramps. Over the last three years Shinn have stiffened the ADHD up in the middle and there’s now more dedicated wakestyle / freestyle performance, but the 137 is also a total chop eater and works really well for both strapped and boots riding. Few boards offer such equal application and comfort between straps and boots. A big plus in many people’s book, no doubt!

Shinn ADHD Kiteworld Review


Carrying good speed it’s plenty fast enough for charging at ramps, but what’s especially nice is that the more powered up you get the more easy grip you have. We’ve often ridden the ADHD for long sessions and when you’re starting to tire you generally lose strength in your back leg, but the ADHD doesn’t require you to ride really technically, so we were still able to negotiate all terrain with ease.

The softness of the bite and the edge feels like you’re riding in powder and the ADHD is very easy to switch between heel- and toe-side, so it’s really fun to head out to a wave, switch, and then smash a huge gouge into the face. For this sort of performance board the ADHD is really light, so it feels lively and easy to do manoeuvres like that.

There is a downside to that generous rocker though if you’re an intermediate and that’s the fact that you have to work a bit harder to track well upwind. We’ve also been testing the Ronson, and there will be more on that next issue, and it has much more drive and grip. More locked in, the Ronson can be pointed upwind more easily and, when taking off, the extra grip and drive means that you need to edge less to get lots of effect.

Shinn ADHD Kiteworld Review


With technique you can get super high on the ADHD too though, but it really comes into its own in terms of its load, pop, super clean release and then a lovely forgiveness on landing, allowing you to scooch round the last few degrees when you’re not quite straight. It’s extremely playful, but also relatively easy. Unlike some boards with similar channels and rocker line that are stiff the whole way through, the softer tips add feel to what you’re doing and also make the ride less physical. The swing weight is also lighter than a lot of freestyle boards, so is generally less tiring on long sessions.

A slight upgrade for the Shinn straps this year, now implementing the SP Boarding ratchet system. Although the closure only offers one point of adjustment for the straps, it’s incredibly easy to do with one hand on the fly and tightens down nice and snugly. The pad has a nice new toe bar too for good grip. This isn’t the most supportive or deeply grooved set-up, but it works well, it’s comfortable and there’s no rubbing at all, which are often the key factors.

Shinn ADHD Kiteworld Review



If you want a freestyle board that’s got freeride application then the ADHD is an excellent choice. You do have to have a higher basic riding level than the Ronson, for example, to get dialled into the looseness, but as soon as you do it’s so playful, and equally at home loading up for big pop in flat water, or powering around the ocean, promoting deep gouging hacks, easy manoeuvring in and around chop and waves and super comfortable and forgiving landings.


Brilliant cross-over freestyle and freeride performance for a wide spectrum of people.


You may want a board that’s slider / feature ready, but you’d probably lose the light, spritely feel. This is a great example of a freestyle board that offers way more accessibility than most.


Build quality: 9

Fixtures and fittings: 8.5

Speed: 7.5


Drive: 7.5

Flex: 7

Comfort: 8.5

Looseness: 8


Upwind: 7.5

Slider proof: No

Boots applicable: Yes

Freeriding: 7.5

Freestyle: 9

Ease-of-use: 8

SIZES: 140 x 43 and 137 x 41cm