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Slamm Classic V9 Stunt Scooter

Slamm Classic V9 Stunt Scooter

The Slamm Classic V9 is a stunt scooter packed with high spec features. Bringing great value for money, it uses transparent PU on the wheels, coloured grips, Steel Riser T-Bar and our exclusive Coffin Connector. The boxed channel deck is complete with front and rear deck blocks and the brightly coloured decals gives this collection of boards a modern sleek look that appeals to all ages! Swirl Team grips are perfect for control when you're just starting out or getting ready to progress your skills in freestyle tricks; impact resistant bar ends also give riders more confidence as they start taking their riding seriously.

  • The wheels have an aluminium core that makes them resistant and stilish 
  • The narrow profile will help you gain speed quickly 
  • The park oriented narrow deck will help you doing technical tricks 
  • The laser Cut-outs make this stuntstep lighter


Total Height
83,5 cm
Bar Width 520mm
Max  Load 100kg
Weight 3,8kg
Handlebar Shape Y form
Deck Length 49,5cm
Deck Width 11,4cm
Bearings Abec 9
Wheels Diameter and hardness 100mm 88A

The height of a stuntstep can make a big difference, that s why we advice you to follow the chart before you buy

Rider's Height


Advised Stuntstep Height

95-112 cm

3-5 year

Under 70 cm

112-126 cm

5-7 year

60-75 cm

126-138 cm

7-9 year

65-79 cm

138-149 cm

9-11 year

75-80 cm

149-160 cm

11-13 year

75-85 cm

160-172 cm

13-15 year

78-85 cm

Over 172 cm

15+ year

79+ cm


How to choose the right size? we recommend to measure the distance from the ground to your hips and belly button.  We advise to choose a stuntstep that is not higher or lower than this two values, ideal is a measure in between

Some riders like  a higher stuntstep some others a lower one. If you are not sure you can always come to our shop in Bussum so you can find the right size