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Slingshot Machine V1


Slingshot Machine Kite V1

Big Air specific beast

The newest Slingshot Machine V1 is finally here!

The Machine is the new Big-Air specific kite from Slingshot, taking the place of the Raptor.

In a world where Big-Air is dominating the kiteboarding scene, this kite is been specifically designed to be a true record setter. Featuring an all-new frame geometry and highly efficient aspect ratio, its brand new shape is focused in offering an insane hang time and mind blowing heights, with mega-kiteloops and old-school air tricks in mind of course. 

The Slingshot Machine V1 will allow kitesurfers of all levels to learn new tricks and reach previosly unimaginable record heights, launching riders skyward while maintaining a lightning quick reaction time!

Apart from the undisputed Big-Air jumping performance, the Slingshot Machine kite flies upwind super easy and turns lightning fast. A wide wind range and good depower ability, overall ease at use and effortless water relaunch feel makes this kite appealing also to motivated beginner kiters looking for a user-friendly but performing freeride kite.

Built with Slingshot quality and the best materials currently available on the market, the Machine V1 is surely one of the most technically advanced kites produced in the last years.

The Machine V1 is the perfect freeride kite & big air kite for those looking to  maximize performance. 

The Machine V1 delivers stability, strength and unmatched wind range so you can unleash bigger jumps  in any conditions - unlocking an exhilarating new level of extreme kitesurfing!


2021 Slingshot Machine V1 features a minimalistic, strategic panelling layout with premium pulleyless bridles, coupled with the ultra-resistent Slingshot 4x4 Canopy Tech reinforced Teijin ripstop nylon, introduced last year.

The kite is of course compatible with the Slingshot Sentry Bar V1.


  • Big-air specific shape for record heights
  • High aspect ratio
  • Insane hangtime
  • Wide wind range
  • User-friendly Freeride performance


Slingshot Machine VS Raptor

The Slingshot Machine is not just an evolution of the Raptor, which still felt a bit like a re-design of the famous Slingshot Rally. The Machine V1 is actually a completely new design with a high aspect ratio and light construction, that put this kite up there in the Olympus of the Big-Air specific kite sails. A revolutionary new kite that will take you to heights like never before and kiteloop effortlessy.

Watch the official video for the Slingshot Machine V1

The Under-19 World Champion, Jeremy Burlando, demonstrates how this kite offers maximum performance not only in Big-Air, but also in strapless and unhooked freestyle riding. 

Demo & Tests

The 2021 Slingshot Machine V1 Available for testing!

Come to the shop and ask the team for a demo in Muiderberg, Almere, Wijk aan Zee, Schellinkhout! 


Wakestyle Team Opinion

We've been glad to have the chance to try this kite in preview last summer, before the official launch.

We noticed that, even if you're not riding fully powered, the Slingshot Machine is still able to boost and send you higher than expected. But of course, it's when it's ON that this kite delivers its full power, letting you reach record hights and to loop smoother than you would expect from such a high-aspect ratio shaped kite.

The Slingshot Machine will blow your mind, if you are focused on big-air kitesurfing or performance freeride you will love this kite, because it offers huge hang-time, lift and kiteloop performance.

If you wanna finally learn that board-off or you want to set your new WOO record against your friends, then the Machine V1 will bring you to a complete new level!


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