Slingshot Nomad 2021 145cm

Slingshot Nomad 2021 145cm

The Nomad is the Godfather of big-board revolution. Built as a crossover model between boat and cable, this board led us to discover that bigger boards bring more pop, smoother landings, stability; they also offer better style for riders on water - thanks to increased surface area which allows them go planing at slower speeds with less tension in their line so they can spend time riding without fatigue.

The stiffer belly helps deliver excellent pop behind boats but lately it has become a favorite among those who ride cables too because its enough stiffness lets you have good balance during your moves yet flexy enough not stress out body after long sessions!


  • Proven fun for experienced riders

  • Great for all riders

  • Increased surface area and stability

  • Ride at slower speed for more user friendly experience

  • Fast board speed eases arm tension

  • For wake and cable