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Slingshot Rpx V1 Kite

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Slingshot RPX 2021

The evolution of the RPM, the most famous Slingshot's kite

Speed, versatility, control

After 12 years of evolution, the most iconic kite on the market, the RPM, has left space to its successor, the brand new Slingshot RPX. While maintaining all the freestyle qualities that made it's predecessors so successful, the 2021 RPX brings to the game new qualities as big air performance, more hang time and improved loop ability. It sounds like a dream: a kite that has an insane slack for all all wakestyle tricks but can also, in smaller sizes, deliver adrenaline in high winds while looping or boosting like a maniac.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Wake-style.com is glad to present to you the new Slingshot RPX!!!


Why the RPX is a completely new kite

The trailing edge has been completely re-designed, and turbulences have been reduced improving the response in the whole wind window. Slingshot implemented also new bridles 25% thinner, allowing the kite to move trough the air with less drag. The canopy sees a reduction in weight,as 88 panels have been removed. The Open-C canopy offers the same magic hybrid freeride-freestyle feeling as its predecessor.


Slingshot RPX Features:

  • Insane slack for handlepasses
  • Increased big air + hang time performance
  • Faster turning
  • Improved kiteloop ability
  • The perfect kite for wakestylers
  • Unprecedent freeride ability and versatility

Slingshot RPX Sizes

Watch the video and get stoked:

2021 Slingshot Sentry Bar V1

The Slingshot RPX kite paired with the all new Slingshot Sentry V1 Bar will blow your mind. The Sentry is the completely redesigned Slingshot bar for 2021, featuring:

  • PU coated center lines
  • Auto-untwisting system
  • Lighting fast click-In chicken loop
  • Softer EVA grip

The Sentry V1 is available in 3 sizes: 17", 20" and 23". In choosing your bar you should consider your kite's size and your kitesurfing style (ask us for suggestions!)


RPX: The X is for "Xtra Freeride"

Consider the Slingshot RPX kite to be good at everything: from freeride, to wakestyle, to kiteloops, to big air and now, being so light, it's also possible to use it for foiling. Of course it's surely not a foil specific kite, but we can definitely say that for many kiters it will be a one quiver kite. Forget having one kite for big air and one for freestyle moves, one for foiling and one for looping. The new Slingshot RPX V1 will be your best friend, no matter the condition.


Wanna try it?

Buy the new Slingshot RPX V1 at our kitesurf shop online Wakestyle in Bussum. Our shop give the chance to try the RPX in different sizes at many spots in the Netherlands, like: Hoorn, Almere, Muiderberg, Zandvoort, Wijk aan Zee.

Contact us to book a test and get your deal!