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The 2021 Slingshot Wakeboard Boots are back for another epic year of blazing the path around cable park shores worldwide.

It’s the chosen boot for every serious cable rider who considers themselves to be “in the know”, and even a few of those who aren’t “in the know” managed to get their feet into a pair. How could you not when they come equipped with our signature Gummy Strap closure system, a removable tongue insert for customizing stiffness, the comfiest walkable liners in the biz, and more. We could go on for days about the technical features, but the true beauty of these pro level park boots is realized the moment you slide your feet down into a pair! There’s a reason you see slingshot supporters rocking their liners for hours on the dock before and after their sessions


They’re simple to get in and out of and offer the most support and tunability in our boot line-up, thanks to Slingshot’s innovative gummy strap closure system and the optional secondary tongue support. These boots won’t buy you a seat on the next Mars mission, but they’ll certainly get you to the front of the line!


  • Ultralight K9 mounting System
  • Integrated J Bars
  • Gummy Straps squeeze tight, won’t loosen as you ride
  • Laceable Liners
  • Tri Zone Closure System

The 2021 SLINGSHOT SPACE MOB BOOTS are now available at wake-style.com