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Slingshot Super Natural V1


Slingshot Super Natural directional twintip kiteboard!

The Slingshot Super Natural V1 is a directional twintip kiteboard with an exciting and innovative shape. Its design has a nose and a tail that will offer a huge boost for jumping, let you surf waves effortlessy and excel in choppy conditions like no other board.

Its distinctive features are the mind blowing 6 fins setup for maximum grip and speed, plus the progressive rocker at the nose, to give you a more surfboard feel when riding in the waves.

With its single concave hull the Super Natural will provide you a smooth tracking and effortless upwind performance while riding in flat or choppy conditions.


Slingshot Supernatural Sizes

  • 142 x 40.7
  • 146 x 41.5

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You can buy this innovative directional twintip online or come to check it at our store in Bussum. We're about 20 minutes from Amsterdam, Almere, Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort.