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2022 Slingshot Terrain Wakeboard

Soft-Flex cable park wakeboard from Slingshot

If you are looking to lock-in super stylish presses on boxes and rails at the cable park, the 2022 Slingshot Terrain is the board you need. The Atomic Wood Core brings this board alive under your boots and, paired to the softness of the board, you will be flexin' around the wake park like a king all day long.

Together with the flex ability, the 2022 Terrain packs all newest Slingshot's technology:

  • Atomic wood core: vertically laminated wood core construction that enhances flex characteristics
  • Carbon bedrock inserts: they reduce the overall weight of the board and increase strength and reactivity
  • Fusion sidewalls: the rail is fused into the wakeboard's core, so there is no need of staples. This way the durability of the board is highly improved
  • Continuous rocker: great for wakeboarders of all levels. It allows you to ride longer and with less fatigue, delivering an exciting and fast feel!
  • Ballistic base: the 7mm thick base is bomb proof and will withstand any kind of torture inflicted at the cable park
  • Wide tips and tail: will support you and give you more confidence while sliding on every kind of obstacle at the park
    Slingshot terrain tail



  • 140cm
  • 144cm
  • 148cm
  • 152cm


Watch the official Slingshot Terrain 2022 video:

Simon Pettai from Estonia shows how he can go big, send ing some creative and stylish manouvers, while also being able of laughing at himself here.


The Wakestyle Team Review & Opinion

We recommend the Slingshot Terrain 2022 to all the park rats and riders who are mainly focused on obstacles at the wake cable park. Thanks to its soft flex you will be more stylish than ever while sliding on those rails.
The legendary bomb-proof Slingshot ballistic base will help you to slide effortlessly on any surface without the need to change board every second month.

If you want to impress your friends and get the attention of all the chicks at the park, the 2022 Slingshot Terrain is what you need. Boom!



The Slingshot Terrain 2022 is available online and at our wake store in Bussum, just 20 minutes from Amsterdam, Hilversum and Amersfoort.

The nearest cable parks are: wake park View Almere and Down Under in Utrecht.

Contact us directly for more infos and personalized deals!

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