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Slingshot Windsor 2022 Wakeboard


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Cable Park & Boat freestyle wakeboard

James Windsor pro-model

The Slingshot Windsor is since many years one of the most popular freestyle boards for using at the wakepark. This pro wakeboard will let you edge hard, go massive on kickers and send crazy presses.

The tail channels and rails featured on the 2022 Slingshot Windsor offer perfect traction and edge hold when cornering, and increase the release-from-the-water effect, making this board ideal for air tricks and for maximum control after landing (also at high speeds!). Finally, the softer flex pattern on tip and tail is perfect for locking stylish presses on any cable park feature. Boom!


  • 141cm
  • 145cm
  • 149cm
  • 153cm


This Wakeboard is packed with all the latest technologies in the wakeboard industry, in order to offer  the best possible riding experience to riders of any level.

Atomic Wood Core

Slingshot wakeboards adopt a vertically laminated wood core construction, resulting in the legendary Slingshot flex and feeling.



Carbon Bedrock Inserts

The carbon inserts make the 2022 Slingshot Windsor, light, snappy and super strong while furtherly increasing the pop.

Ballistic Base

Please find enclosed a 7mm-thick protection layer between the board and anything you you will hit with it. Nice.

Hybrid Rocker Profile

The board's hybrid profile offers more pop and speed than a traditional continuous rocker board. Thanks to this shape, the Slingshot Windsor is suitable also for riding behind a boat.

Fins Size

 0.75 x 6" (1.9 x 15.2 cm) Bolt-on Wake fins included.


Watch the official 2022 Slingshot Windsor video:

Wakestyle Team Review & Opinion:

The Slingshot Windsor is since day one a wakeboard that we loved: the channeling and rails offer an insane edge hold, while the softer tips offer a supreme nose-tail press performance. 

We recommend it hands-down to all those riders who want to have a stick able to go BIG in any condition, from cable park to the boat.

If you are into air tricks, high speed and progressive riding at the cable park, than you should definitely consider to buy this wakeboard!

Wakestyle Wakeboarding Shop

The 2022 Slingshot Windsor ia available online and at our wake store in Bussum, just 20 minutes from Amsterdam, Hilversum and Amersfoort.

We are close by the wake park View Almere and Down Under in Utrecht.

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