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Slingshot Wing Craft V1 2022


2022 Slingshot Wing Craft Wing Foil Board

The newest wingsurf board from Slingshot!

The Slingshot Wing Craft V1 is a 100% wing foil board. It has is been developed by the team of Lost Surfboards. The goal was to design an easy-to-ride, responsive and versatile shortboard that any level surfer can enjoy in waves of all sizes.

Its compact shape, flat rocker and wide width will ensure that you can enjoy good pumping action with sufficient stability, making of the Slingshot Wing Craft the perfect board for wingsurfers of all levels.

For more advanced surfers, there's nothing better than knowing that your boards rails are extra reinforced, so that you can climb onto them from any angle without worrying about slipping down.

At the bottom of the board you will find some hany carrying handles, to help in making it easy to carry on dry land as well (particularly helpful in rocky areas!).


Footstraps options

There are two strap options available: either tri fin straps + offset footstraps OR standard quads plus toe/heel pads.



  • Compact shape for better pumping and increased foil control
  • Generous width for easy knee start and stability
  • Grab handle for easy transportation
  • 2 or 3 footstrap option
  • Quick release foil track
  • Beveled Rails for quick release from the water and bounce back from touchdowns.


Available Sizes:

  • 60L
  • 75L
  • 90L
  • 120L

Foil board Length Width Thickness Volume (Liters) Weight
4'8 142.2 cm (55.984'') 61cm (24.016'') 10.2cm (4'')" 60 5.6 kg
5'0 152.4 cm (60'') 63.5cm (25'') 11.4cm (4.488'')" 75 6.2 kg
5'6  (65.984'') 68.6cm (27.008'') 11.4cm (4.488'')" 90 6.5 kg
6'0 182.9 cm 73.7 cm 13.2 cm 120 7.6 kg



Slingshot Wing Craft V1: The Opinion of the Wake-Style.com Team

The Slingshot Wing Craft features a flat rocker profile for early take-offs and maneuverability, with thicker rails (designed specifically for big wave riding). You will never have problems catching waves, either if small or going over your head on those days where it's hollower than ever before.

We ahve tested this board and we can say that despite the smaller and compact size it offers lots of stability thanks to the wide nose shape that reduces nose dives and lateral roll. If you thing to size down and get a wing foil board with less liters without the struggle of not being able to stand on it, than the Slingshot Wingcraft v1 suits your needs. Multiple footstrap setup options mean that there are no excuses for not getting out there, even if you switch stances often or surf different types of waves or spots.



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