Slingshot Wizard V3 Windfoil Board

Slingshot Wizard V3 Windfoil Board



The ALL NEW Wizard 90L is the nimblest of foil sleds. If you are a lighter sailor, or foiling is all you do, this board is for you.

The Wizard 114L was designed to pull away from the wide profile of bulky first-generation foil boards. The narrower outline increases your control, reduces windage, and allows the rider to lay hard carves without a formula board stance.

Floaty enough to uphaul yet compact enough to fit in the back of a station wagon. The Wizard 130Limproves upon the previous 125L model with reduced length and width, but increased thickness.

New for V3 is the adjustable foil track mounts on the bottom allowing the foiling aficionado to perfectly place their foils center of lift without sacrificing their favored footstrap stance.