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Smik Foil Wing Ding MK2 - V2


Surf & Freeride Foil Wing by SMIK

Preorder, the wings will be available end of December

For 2022 Smik sups updates its foil wings range by introducing the MK2 Wing V2! 

At first glimpse, you can immediately notice how many changes and improvements have been implemented to this wing.

First of all, while holding the MK2 wing you will have more tension in the canopy; this results in improved responsiveness and efficiency. The new tip angles define handling in neutral, holding the wing level whilst the canopy holds its shape with a minimal amount of flutter.

New reinforcements have been placed only where necessary, without adding unnecessary weight. For the ones who were already riding Smik wings, don't worry, the handles haven't been changed, so you will still have a very similar feeling while riding. The Wing Ding MK2 feels very direct without losing power at any point, while its response is immediate. Even the struts have been updated and made more rigid, for a more reactive control in all conditions, keeping the shape of the wing in place also under the hardest wind gusts. Finally forward draft of the 2022 Smik wing MK2 reduces the stalling, for better upwind performance.

A Surfing Wing

The Smik MK2 V2 foil wing is been designed with surf in mind. You will so be able to drop on the wave, park the wing and focus 100% just on surfing!


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Smik wing canopy


  • More tension in the wing canopy
  • New tip angles for a neutral behavior
  • Surf oriented foil wing
  • Lightweight
  • Super responsive
  • Direct grab handles
  • Improved upwind performance


Smik Mk2 V2 wing shape

Wakestyle Team Review & Opinion

If you are a surf addict and you are looking for a surf-specific foil wing, then look no further. The Smik MK2 V2 foil wing incorporates all the features you need. It is 100% neutral when parked for surfing on a wave, lightweight, and super-efficient thanks to the improved canopy tension.

The strategically placed grab handles improve this wing's efficiency thanks to their rigidity and connect the wing straight to your brain.

Finally, the new 2022 color scheme is super cool!

If you are looking for an A-quality foil wing, different from the ones you can see every day on the beach, then make yourself a present: grab the Smik MK2 V2 NOW and go out there for a real foil surf session!



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