Smik Slab Wing Foil Board Full Wood Glass

Smik Slab Wing Foil Board Full Wood Glass


Smik Slab Wing Foil Board  Full Wood Glass

The newest edition to our Wingsurf board  range is the SMIK Wingfoil board. With a footstrap and foil positioning in mind, this board has been designed for easy use with high performance as well. The volume of materials used only goes where it's needed - making these boards perfect in all conditions

The Smik Wingfoil range features very short lengths with limited swing weight to make them ultra easy to fly and turn. Extremely versatile machines which have a diverse array of uses, all incorporating new bottom shapes that enhance lift with minimal drag undercarriages for quick release up onto the foil or when it touches down.

Sizes available

  • Wing Slab 5’0 x 26” – 82L
  • Wing Slab 5’3 x 27” – 91L
  • Wing Slab 5’6 x 28.5” – 100L

Benefit now of a 10% pre-order discount. Delivery is expected around the 15th of sept