Spitfire Formula Four Conical Wheels Red Print 99D 53mm

Spitfire Formula Four Conical Wheels Yellow Print 99D 53mm

Spifire skateboard wheels

Spitfire is one of the most known and respected skateboard wheel producer in the scene. Everyone knows for sure the big head logo.The popularity comes also from the unique  'Formula Four' urethane mixture, Spitfire produces wheels of the highest quality with unbeatable long-lasting performance.The R&D team is constantly busy with improving the quality of the spitfire wheels ntogether with athletes. The formula has been specially developed to combine all the desired characteristics of a real high-performance wheel, into one. 

The Spitfire 'Conical' shape is hand cut and offers a quick response and less weight.


  • Conical Shape
  • Mark Johnson signature wheels
  • Formula Four urethane
  • True unbeatable lasting performance
  • Holds size and shape longer
  • Unmatched abrasion resistance
  • Fewer flatspots
  • Lasting speed everywhere
  • Smooth anti-stick slide
  • More controllable grip