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Story Adjustable Inline Skates

Adjustable inlines

Story Fusion is a great choice for beginners if it's girls and boys, men or women!

It is important to start by mentioning that these adjustable inline roller skates are all round. All-round means they can be used for a small cruise on the promo, and they can also be used for cool entry-level freerides where the tricks aren't too technically hard or durable. In addition to the ability of the roller skate, it is essential to tell a little more about the many features of Story Fusion. It's clear from the outside that the skate has been well designed by Story's design team, both with regard to the trunk, wheel and clutch. Let's explain in more detail below.

The actual shoe on these inline skates is made of lightweight and breathable mesh material that is nice and soft and comfortable on long or short rides. At the same time, the material prevents your feet from getting too hot. The Story Fusion clip is made of durable, yet lightweight aluminum material. The wheels are available in 64mm, 70mm and 76mm, have a hardness of 82A and have ABEC-7 ball bearings. The size of the wheels and their hardness make your fast rides feel both comfortable and smooth. All these features in combination with the strong plastic construction around the shoe make for a sturdy and very strong pair of roller skates for all your rides in the skater park and on the street.

So if you're thinking about buying a good pair of roller skates for beginners and more experienced skaters, Story Fusion is a great opportunity!



  • 2 sizes: 34-37 and 38-41
  • Wheel size(34-37)  70mm 82A
  • Wheel size(38-41)  76mm 82A
  • Adjustable inline skates