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Takuma Kujira 980 Hydrofoil Set

Takuma Kujira 980 foil

Choose Between Wing Set (rear wing + hardware) or Complete Set

The new Takuma Kujira foil is a new type of hydrofoil, with shape inspired by the pectoral fin of the Humpback whale. Kujira in Japanese means "whale", an honour tributed to this majestic animals by the Takuma's designign team.


Humpback Whale's tail
A Humpback Whale's tail


The Kujira's design is been created by top designer Laurent Borgna and Cyril Coste, the Takuma's founder. The two were wonderig about how such a big animal could reach such high speeds. They finally figured out that the bumps in the pectoral area of the Humpback Whale have a dramatic effect on its hydrodynamics.

Those tubercles that you can immediately notice when looking at the Kujira hydrofoil emulate exactly thas function, so providing enormous speed and lift out of the water.

This means that the Takuma Kujira Hydrofoil can be ridden in a smaller size if compared to traditional foil.

Are we maybe witnessing an evolution of the hydrofoil technology?


Which size to choose?

The Takuma Kujira is available in 2 sizes:

  • 980 for small to medium sized riders (85kg or less).
  • 1210 for heavier riders (90+kg) in medium to high winds 



The Takuma's signature LOL upturned winglets are also found on the Kujira foil, making it more efficient in terms of glide and lift and with significantly less drag.

This features will give to the rider extra comfort while foiling, so that we can recommend it for foiler of all levels of experience.

The Takuma Kujira has a sleek design for fast and responsive foiling in open ocean,  and providing outstanding performances in all conditions. This hydrofoil is an excellent choice for wingsurfing, prone surfing, and downwind foilers alike!



  • Shape inspired by the humpback whales’ pectoral fin.
  • LOL upturned winglets tubercle design
  • Takumas LOL designed upturned winglets give them much more efficient glide 
  • Unmatched agility and acceleration while turning and carving
  • Effortless low and high speed control.
  • Full carbon construction
  • Aluminum anodized
  • Exceptionally maneuverable
  • Smooth and stable on take off and also at low speed
  • Extraordinarily reactive



Wake-style.com gives you the option to buy the Takuma Kujira complete Hydrofoil set or just the wing-set (rear wing + hardware)

The wing-set includes: 

  • FW 980 & BW 178
  • Mini screw box
  • Foil travel case 

The complete Hydrofoil kit includes: 

  • Mast Alloy 85
  • Fuselage STD
  • Top plate ST
  • Screw set
  • Travel case FW 980 & BW 178
  • Mini screw box
  • Foil travel case


Wakestyle Team Opinion

The Takuma foil Kujira features a game changer design that could influence the future of the hydrofoil design, and contribute to the evolution of the foiling sports. Get your hands on one of this foils before they get sold out!


You can buy the Takuma Kujira online or visit our surf shop in Bussum for a test ride. We're just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam, Almere, Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort.


We give to our customers the chance to try the new foiling gear at many spots in the Netherlands. Contact us for demo tests in Almere, Marina Muiderzand, Loosdrecht, Wijde Blik and Ijburg.