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Takuma TK Carbon Foil Board


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Carbon foil wingsurf board by Takuma

The Takuma TK is an innovative new take on wing foil board design, meeting the needs of people at all levels. From beginners to experienced wingsurfers.

These boards are made for one thing: pure performance. Speed and control is everything when you're riding these things, but they also last! Always willing to take on whatever you throw at them - these takuma foil boards have what it takes to get you where you need to go, no matter the conditions. 

Your dreams are finally within reach. These boards deliver stable speed and absolute control, they have pure performance at their core yet are forgiving and durable enough to withstand the typical impacts. Careful attention to volume distribution means it is highly versatile on the water, easy to paddle and takes off early. They offer the rider the most adaptable solution to a wide range of disciplines. The larger sizes are designed for riders who want to excel in wing foiling, SUP foil and downwind riding. The new revolutionary shape and construction is designed to fit all levels from beginners to the most advanced riders. 

The Gravity Deck is Takuma’s most advanced design yet. It curves to give you a natural stance on the board, giving you better control and balance. The unique top contour makes it easier to get on the board and hold onto it while paddling. The double concave hull makes maneuvering effortless, providing all the features needed for a fun ride.

Available in the following sizes

  • 5'6"x 25 3/8 x 5 1/2 85 L
  • 5'8"x 25 7/8 x 5 13/16 95 L
  • 6'0"x 27 5/16 x 6 110 L
  •  6'2"x 28 1/2 x 6 5/16 125 L