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Wettie Barefoot Pro Series 5mm Neoprene Boots


Wettie Wetsuits brings to you the softest & warmest wetsuit boots

Attention: we recommend to buy this neoprene boots one size bigger  than usual if you have wide foots. Be aware that this shoe has a soft sole, so can be easily damaged on rough and hard surfaces .

The Wettie Barefoot Pro Series surf shoes are top quality winter neoprene boots by Wettie Wetsuits, a French surfing company. The aim of the company was to design a surf bootie that could make you feel barefoot while surfing in winter, but still keeping you warm sessions after session.

Well, the news is that they've been successful in doing that!

The Wetty Wetsuit's boots feature a unique kind of neoprene made out calcium captured stone. This makes them mor flexible and much warmer than regular or thermoplastic neoprenes, because this material keeps more warmth inside when wet.
Another advantage, its outside coating gives off less odor too! 

Moreover, with Wetty Barefoot Pro shoes, are also durable. The soles of the boots feature Kevlar on both sides, which make them able to withstand the wear-and-tear forces even more than other types of footwear.

The booties come equipped with an elastic upper sleeve for increased fit, that will hug your foot tightly, preventing iner movements while providing maximum support during activity for surfing, kitesurfing or wingsurfing.

The Pro boot is a bit different than the original Wetty shoe, as it features latex on both sides, as well as thermo lining on the inside of shoe for extra warmth and durability.



  • Barefoot feeling
  • The warmest surf shoe on the market
  • Super soft neoprene
  • Comfy & durable
  • Odorless
  • Made in Europe



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