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Axis Spitfire Foil


Born for rippin' in waves


Sizes:1100 // 1030 // 960 // 900 // 840 // 780

Get ready to revolutionize your foiling experience with the Axis Spitfire foil range , the new standard in freeride and freestyle foilboarding. Available at Wake-Style.com, this high-performance hydrofoil is expertly designed to offer unparalleled speed, control, and versatility to riders of all skill levels.

The Axis Spitfire foil range is more than just a hydrofoil. It is a meticulously engineered piece of water sports equipment, tailor-made for those who yearn for unmatched excitement and pure freedom on the water. Whether you're a seasoned pro seeking to refine your skills or a beginner setting out on your foiling journey, the Spitfire opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Revolutionary Design

The Spitfire features a unique batwing design that distinguishes it from traditional hydrofoils. This innovative design enhances lift and stability at lower speeds, ensuring a smooth, controlled ride. Moreover, its streamlined shape reduces drag, allowing for efficient, fast, and exhilarating foiling experiences.

Enhanced Performance

With its larger surface area, the Spitfire foil delivers increased lift and improved glide ratio. This makes it ideal for lighter wind conditions and heavier riders, ensuring excellent performance no matter the situation.

Superior Construction

Constructed with precision engineering and high-quality materials, the Spitfire hydrofoil promises durability and strength. Its stiff and robust carbon construction provides a direct feel and fast response, offering you absolute control over your ride.


The Spitfire is truly versatile. Its unique design and outstanding performance make it suitable for a wide range of water sports, including kiteboarding, surfing, SUP, and wake foiling.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary Design: Unique batwing design for enhanced lift and stability.
  • Enhanced Performance: Larger surface area delivers increased lift and improved glide ratio.
  • Superior Construction: Stiff and robust carbon construction for durability and control.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of water sports, including kiteboarding, surfing, SUP, and wake foiling.

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The Axis Spitfire foil range available at Wake-Style.com is the ultimate hydrofoil for those seeking to elevate their performance and enjoyment on the water. With its revolutionary design, enhanced performance, superior construction, and unmatched versatility, this hydrofoil promises to take your foiling experience to the next level. Dive into a world of excitement, freedom, and adventure with the Axis Spitfire 1030. The water awaits!