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The pinnacle of hydrofoil technology

Axis is a hydrofoil specific brand based in New Zealand. The Axis team is made up by different members specialised in different fields, marine engineers, architects, foil designers, board designers and technicians led by Adrian Roper. Axis foils has over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing and tanks to the latest simulation technology and the broad testing network, they can produce the most innovative and efficient hydrofoils . Axis produces hydrofoils that suit almost all water sports disciplines as wing foiling, sup foil, prone surf foiling and de rising dock start foiling (aka pump foil).

The Axis Foils collection is divided in  product different groups

Front wings 

  • Axis HPS: aka "High Performance Speed" aimed to all riders, ensure speed, glide and ease of use
  • Axis ART: aka "Axis Research Team", are the pinnacle of foil tech, very suitable for foil surfing, pump and speed. Come in different sizes and suite most diasaciplines and riders
  • Axis BSC: aka "Broad Spectrum Carve". These front wings are allround performers and suitable for riders who start with foil sports.
  • Axis PNG: aka "Pump and Glide. The name says it all, thanks to a mix of high and mid aspect and insane perfomance in terms of glide and pump has been achieved by the Axis team with these wings. The Axis PNG wings are one of the most known among pump foilers / dock start fanatics
  • Axis SP: aka "Surf Performance" specific prone foil front wings with a very loose feel and carve ability


  • Aluminum masts: the stiffest aluminium masts on the market
  • Carbon Mast: performance and stiffness
  • High modulus masts: the most advanced carbon mast, specifically producved for heavier loads caused by high aspect foils