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Wingsurfing is undoubtedly the new watersport trend for summer 2023: a brand new wind driven sport fastly growing in popularity, attracting both expert and first time riders with no previous watersport experience. 
The number one reason why it's so popular is that anyone can do it! The advantages of Wing Foiling are: easy to learn, less equipment, quicker to set-up, low wind riding and safety.

The advantages of Wingsurfing are: easy to learn, less equipment, quicker to set-up, low wind riding and safety.
You can literally surf anywhere there’s enough water for your board to float.

To find out how easy this sport really is, take advantage of our private wing-foil lessons!

The lessons are given by Wingfoil School Loosdrecht , they offer wingsurf lessons for all levels. Beginners or advanced will get the right equipment  in order to improve their riding technique.


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2 h Wingsurf Beginner lesson

The introduction lesson is ideal for everyone who wants to discover this wonderful sport. 1.5 hours where you will learn the basics and how to use the wing on a board
-Max 4 persons per group


6 h Wingfoil full Course

The Wing-foil courses are divided in different blocks (3 days): A part on dry land, to learn how a foil wing works and how to set it up, and a part in the water, to learn how to get on the board, how to waterstart and the pumping technique. Once you master these skills it’s time to combine them and start to wingsurf! 

1. Wing Control:
In this lesson you will first learn how a foil wing works. After that, you will to experience what it's like to sail on an inflatable SUP downwind or upwind using a wing. To start, you kneel on the board and then stand, as we break down everything that happens when your body starts moving through water.

Lesson focus:
Rigging and knowledge about material
General wind knowledge, wing and board control and self rescue
Sailing upwind and downwind

2. Pumping technique:
After learning the basics, it's now time to learn the wing foil pumping technique to get out of the water!

Lesson focus:

Pump technique
How to stand on a foil board
3. Wing Foil:
On the third foil lesson you will learn how to sail back and forth using a foil board and wing. Starting with the basics, you'll soon be surfing and going through turns like a pro!

Lesson focus:
Navigation on the foil
How to Jibe 
Tips & Tricks :) 

N.B. The learning curve is different for everyone of us depending also on our precedent watersport experience. For example: someone that can already kite foil, usually learns earlier wingsurfing than someone who never hydrofoiled


2 h Wingfoil private lessons

"One on one" coaching, ideal for beginners but also for intermediate wingers who want to improve transitions or any other aspect of wingfoiling. Ideal if you want to step up your game !!!


10 H Wingfoil Lessons

Would you like to learn wingfoiling independently? Invest in this course! In five lessons, we'll teach you everything about wind direction, wing, foil, and board. After this course, you'll be fully self-sufficient and able to safely navigate the water. What do the lessons look like? Lesson 1: Upon arrival, you'll receive a wetsuit and shoes and can change. Then we'll board the boat to sail to an ideal spot. Here, you'll receive explanations about wind directions and we'll cover some basic skills around the wing. Then, we'll get onto the water as quickly as possible. From the boat or pontoon, you'll receive instructions from our instructor. If you stray too far off course, the boat will pick you up and bring you back. Lesson 2: We'll search for the most suitable location for wingfoiling. During this lesson, you'll get acquainted with the foil and the board. At first, you might not be able to control the lift, getting out of the water. Balancing is already difficult enough in this phase. After several attempts, you'll start to get the feeling. Lesson 3: We'll repeat the skills from lesson 2. Additionally, we'll focus on course navigation, how to luff up and bear away, so you can return to the same point independently. If you master this quickly, the next step will be jibing and tacking. Lessons 4 and 5: We'll review the skills from the previous lessons. You'll learn how to turn; jibing and tacking. We'll work on these maneuvers step by step. Turns, riding toe side and heel side, and the position of the mast will also be covered in this phase. Additionally, photos and videos will be taken for immediate feedback and a beautiful memory. Follow-up: Excited? Still undecided about which wingfoil set to buy? Then the season pass is exactly what you need! With this pass, you can use all our test and rental materials. This gives you all the time you need to put together the set that suits you best. Practical information for the five-day course: Duration: 10 hours Includes wetsuit, impact vest, shoes, and helmet Minimum age: 18 years old; if you're younger, we recommend private lessons Please arrive 15 minutes early Maximum of 4 students Cost: 435 euros Taught by a certified instructor with water rescue and first aid training Includes photos and videos.

Wing foiling Levels

We divide wing foiling riding kills in 6 different levels, so you know where you are at and what it takes to improve

level 1

  • Basic weather and wing knowledge
  • Wing control
  • How to start on a board
  • Self rescue

level 2

Ona big board without foil
  • How to go downwind
  • How to go upwind
  • Being able to cross and keep height 
  • Jibe & tack

level 3

Foil Technique
  • Basic hydrofoil knowledge
  • Pump technique
  • Being able to get on a foil (few meters)

level 4

Advanced foil technique
  • Being stable during flight
  • Going up wind on the foil
  • Going down wind on the foil

level 5

  • How to jibe
  • How to tack

level 6

Advanced level
  • How to jump
  • Wave riding
  • Wing foiling in heavy seas
  • Transition variations
  • Freestyle tricks
  • Advanced material knowledge and hydrofoil tuning

Extra Info

What is required to join the course

  • Swimming diploma // certificate
  • Good physical condition
  • Motivation for a new challenge



Wingfoilschool Loosdrecht 

the lessons are given by the team of Wingfoil School Loosdrecht


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