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Choose between Max and Slim

The Gen 2 Foil Drive is available in 2 kits the Assist Max and the Assist Slim.

The Assist Slim: Embodiment of Elegance and Nimbleness
The Assist Slim stands out as a beacon of elegance and top-tier performance in the realm of foiling. It is meticulously designed for those who seek a more understated profile, reduced weight, and superior performance capabilities. This model is perfect for aficionados who relish in executing precise, nimble turns and prefer their equipment to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The Assist Max: The Epitome of Strength and Durability
The Assist Max is distinguished by its remarkable capacity to provide peak power and prolonged operation, all within a sleek and compact structure. It is the ideal option for foiling enthusiasts who aim to push the limits of their adventures. Featuring a design that conceals all external elements, the Assist Max presents a neat and efficient setup.