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Axis Advance Black Fuselage


Axis Crazy short / Ultra short / Silly short advance fuselage

3 sizes: Ultra short 640mm // Crazy short 600mm // Silly short 560mm

Are you ready for a surfing sensation like never before? The Axis Black ADVANCE fuselage configuration is here to take your wave-riding experience - whether it be Prone, SUP, Wing or Wake style - to the next level. Enjoy tight turns and an unrivalled connection with waves by advancing your mast position 40mm closer to the front foil! Perfectly tailored towards intermediate and expert foiling surfers looking for superior performance upgrades, the Axis new range of Black ADVANCE fuselages are sure not disappoint. 

A consideration when moving the mast position on the fuselage forward is that the effective length of the rear fuselage back to the rear stabilising foil is increased by the distance the mast moves forward. That's why axis designed also the Silly short fuselasge. Keeping this in consideration is recommended to use a size smaller than usual, For example, if you are using a Black series Ultra short fuselage than is better to choose for the Crazy short advanced fuselage. The Advance fuselages are compatible with all Axis ART, HPS, PNG and BSC front wings. When compared to the regular black line, the advanced fuselage offers a more loose and "turny" feeling. The disadvantage is that the hydrofoil will be less stable and tracky at higher speeds



  • 3 sizes: Ultra short, Crazy short, Silly Short
  • Surf oriented fuselage
  • Mast position sits 40 mm closer to the front wing when compare to other models
  • Compatible with PNG, ART, HSp BSC front wings