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Axis Foil PNG Front Wings


Foil pump specific front wings by Axis

Sizes: 1310 // 1300 // 1150 // 1110 // 910

Axis ultimate pump and glide wing series.

There’s no other wing like the Pump and Glide. A unique combination of medium and high aspect, thinner foil and high camber, PNG gets you up easily – then keeps you going, and going, and going. The foil section design also has a high stall angle, which means it performs exceptionally at slower speeds.

Dock foilers need look no further. This is your foil. At the time of writing, the time to beat was 5 minutes 40 seconds on the PNG 1150 matched with a Pump 460/60 rear wing. Think you can beat it? Film your flight and tag it on #foilpumpchallenge on Instagram.

PNG is a firm favourite with SUP foilers too, maximising your ability to pump back out and foil straight onto the next wave. Lots of our AXIS customers have also learned to wing foil on this design. However, the same characteristics that make it a great pumping foil will also hold back its top speed.

PNG foils are ideally matched with our Pump, Progressive or Speed rear wing ranges.

Just announced the PNG 1310 the ultimate pumping machine. As proven by Hugo Wigglesworth who smashed all standing pump records with an unprecedented 17+ minute masterclass.

The Axis PNG front wing is available at wake-style,.com. Please contact us for advice and compatibility with boards. It is possible to test some models. If you are not sure about what to buy please contact us at info@wake-style.eu or call the shop