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Indiana Pump Foil Board "Le Doigt" Carbon


Dock-start carbon foil board

Indiana Ambassador Steeve Fleury has designed a unique board dedicated to pure pumping and dock start foiling. This board is small, light and strong, with a shape that allows you to get the longest fly and carve like crazy. The round top and sharp bottom rails keep the glide and don't slow your speed, allowing you to re-takeoff with ease. The 24 liter board also has an angled tail to help with ollies, but is thick enough to take on waves. This board is the perfect combination of weight, strength and volume, giving you the maximum performance you need for an excellent pumping session.


  • Adjustable Track System:
  • Allows you to tune the foil setup for your weight and comfort. Mounting compatibility with any Foil System featuring a 165x90mm bolt pattern. The track system is structurally integrated between the top and bottom laminate for the strongest support.
  • Grooved EVA Deck Pad:
  • Gives you amazing lateral grip, but still allows you to move your foot forward and backward on the deck.