Indiana Dockstart/Pump Foil 1100P Complete

Indiana Dockstart/Pump Foil 1100P Complete

Indiana Dockstart/Pump Foil 1100P Complete

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The foil that started the Dockstart craze. The 1100 P was the first large commercial Dockstart/Pump Foil and was our most popular in the range. The high Volume and Surface Area combined with the medium-high aspect ratio makes it very forgiving and easy to pump and keep flying, even at very low speeds (5km/h). This makes it very easy to learn dock starting. The turned-down wingtips make the front wing very safe. Combined with the medium-size 420 Stabilizer, 75cm Aluminium Mast and adaptable length Fuselage, the 1100 P Complete Set is a perfect balance of weight, ease of use, and value for money.

The T16 Aluminium is durable and stiff, and combined with the Zinc Anodes it is protected from oxidation.

The Surf Foil Fuselage has 3 Stabilizer positions which allow you to choose how stable or agile you want your setup to be.

This set is perfect for beginners and heavy riders.

The Indiana Regular Foil System is modular and you can easily upgrade to any other Front Wing, Fuselage, Stabilizer, or Mast in the Regular Range.

The Front wing, Stabilizer, and Mast all come with Protection Sleeves to keep your foil safe.

Total Weight: 5.35 kg

What’s included:
- Indiana Foil Front Wing 1100 P (with Sleeve)
- Indiana Foil Stabilizer 420 (with Sleeve)
- Indiana Foil Alu Mast 75cm (with Sleeve)
- Indiana Foil Baseplate Alu (incl. Zinc Anode & Screws)
- Indiana Foil Surf Fuselage (incl. Cartridge)
- Indiana Foil Set of Mast / Fuselage Screws (M8)
- Indiana Foil Set of Stab Angle Adaptors