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Slingshot RPX V2

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Slingshot RPX V2 2024 Kite
Progressive freestyle kite from Slingshot
Ever since the RPX emerged from the DNA of the famous RPM, the new RPX has become an essential part of Slingshot's lineup. This kite has been the favorite of Brazilian champion Carlos Mario Bebe for several years, as he has claimed numerous championships with this legendary Slingshot kite. The Slingshot RPX V2 2024 Kite is a three-strut kite that delivers outstanding performance for freestyling, thanks to its unique shape. The C-shaped arc (also known as the kite's bow) provides immediate responsiveness and handling, with slack perfectly timed for your freestyle tricks. With its fairly square wingtips and low-aspect design, the RPX turns quickly, allowing you to execute powerful kiteloops with ease. In addition to these performance-oriented features, the RPX sails upwind effortlessly and boasts a broad wind range.

New to the Slingshot RPX V2 is the upgraded frame. The Leading Edge and Struts in the V2 are constructed from high-strength polyester, known as FrameLITE, which minimizes stretching in all directions, enhancing stiffness for improved responsiveness and kite handling. This material is also lightweight, weighing only 160 grams per square meter. The V2 also sees modifications to the bridles, which are now 25% thinner while retaining the same strength as the previous bridles. These thinner bridles, made from new materials, reduce drag due to their reduced thickness.

The canopy of the Slingshot RPX V2 is crafted from 4x4 Canopy Tech, Slingshot's strongest and stiffest canopy material, ensuring you can enjoy your beloved RPX for an extended period. The canopy is reinforced with ripstop nylon and features a 4x4 weave, making it highly resistant to tears and pinholes. The RPX is fully customizable to suit your preferences. Thanks to various frame options, you can lengthen or shorten the steering and power lines, allowing you to adjust the kite's turning speed, power, and angle of attack according to your liking.

Specifications of the Slingshot RPX V2 2024 Kite:
- Freestyle
- Advanced | Pro
- New FlexLITE material
- Flyline bridles
- Open C-shape
- 4x4 Ripstop Nylon
- Rider Customization System (RCS)
- Three struts
- 4 lines, low V split