Mistral Sabre 1400 / M92 / F90 - Hydrofoil Set

Mistral Sabre 1400 / M92 / F90 - Hydrofoil Set


Pre-selected for the rider who wants a ready-to-go ‘bagged’ solution. For learning up to the upper ends of intermediate riding, the 1400cm2 provides ease of lift, superb top-end speed and manoeuvrability with the shorter fuselage. Can be used for wing and wind foiling applications. While a first flight experience warrants ease of take-off and high-pitch stability, our goal was to create foils that would perform beyond the first flight experience into the realms of levels of speed and performance sought by advanced riders. In this respect, unlockable potential means our Sabre can exceed the performance needs of first-flight riders for learning up to the upper ends of intermediate riding. 





  • BagWater proof lined with internal pockets to fit the complete set and additional equipment. Zippered, Cordura heavy-duty design.
  • MastAluminum
  • Front WingCarbon
  • StabCarbon
  • FuselageAluminum
  • Rail PlateAluminum
  • Connection HardwareHex bolts supplied
  • ToolsHex spanner, Tef gel
  • Shims-1, 0, +1, +2, +3


  • Mast SpecsAluminium 92cm height
  • Front Wing Specs1400sq cm surface area 12k carbon twill
  • Fuselage SpecsAluminium 90cm length. Milled from billeted aluminium direct from our 3D files using CNC technology
  • Carbon PlateDual rail plate (aluminium)
  • Rear Stabiliser320sq cm surface area 12k carbon twill


  • Material DescriptionExtruded aluminium mast. Milled aluminium fuselage. Carbon 12k twill front wing and rear stab. Marine-grade hardware.
  • CareUse silicone gel supplied or similar before connecting hardware. Rinse connection points thoroughly with fresh water after use!
  • StorageFlush with fresh water, and dismantle and grease all connection points. Store in the bag supplied.