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Sabfoil Razor Pro 825

Sabfoil Razor Pro 825


The Sabfoil Razor PRO is the steep-wave adaptation of the original Razor, epitomizing the essence of this surf-centric line of front wings.

Designed by Sabfoil to enhance your performance in the waves and facilitate rapid downwind riding, this wing excels in handling accelerations effortlessly.

With the Sabfoil Razor PRO, you'll experience lightning-quick responsiveness and the ability to execute tighter turns, all while maintaining stability and drive, even during the most challenging tip breaches or transitions from wave leaps back to the base.

Optimized for surfing and downwind pursuits among medium waves and swells, the Razor PRO 825 is also adept at providing thrilling experiences during wingfoil sessions in moderate winds.

Its specialized design ensures early takeoffs, while the wing's fast profile enables high acceleration and speed while cruising.

Finished with the distinctive SAB Pro Finish and meticulously hand-sanded to achieve a matte appearance with ultra-thin graphics, the Sabfoil Razor PRO is a testament to elegant Italian craftsmanship designed for peak performance.


Surface: 746 cm2

AR: 8,84

Wingspan: 820 mm

Volume: 665 cm3


Recommended forWave - Downwind - Fast Downwind - Fast Freeride - Freeride - Prone Surf - Surf
Take Off Speed13 - 15 kn
Top End Speed (average 80kg user)25 - 27 kn
Wing-Fuselage ConnectionT6