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PPC Downwind Paddle SUP Foil Paddle

Downwind and Flat water paddle up specific paddle

At wake-style.com we are happy to Introduce a game-changing paddle designed to revolutionize your flat water "paddle ups" and enhance your downwind foiling experience. The PPC Downwind Foiling Specific Paddle is meticulously crafted to accelerate your journey onto the foil, allowing you to savor endless, dreamy downwind foiling runs.

Crafted with precision, the blade of this paddle boasts a fusion of blue carbon and Kevlar, offering the perfect amount of scoop to provide exceptional water "grip" with each powerful stroke. The inclusion of a dihedral spine ensures that the blade stays firmly on course, delivering that invigorating "get up and go" sensation to every rider.

We understand the importance of customization, which is why our paddle is available in an adjustable configuration. Finding your ideal "all-round" length has never been easier, and the adjustable feature allows you to fine-tune your paddle length throughout your foiling session.

PPC Downwind paddle key Specifications:


  • Blade Size: 105 square inches
  • Blade Angle: 13 degrees
  • Minimum Length: 1.6 meters (62 inches)
  • Maximum Length: 2.2 meters (86.6 inches)
  • Weight for Adjustable Version: 580 grams

Experience the future of foiling with the PPC Foiling Specific Paddle – your passport to smoother "paddle ups" and exhilarating downwind adventures.