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Armstrong 205 Surf Stabiliser

Fast and responsive

The  Armstrong Surf 205 is the perfect stabiliser for surf foiling, allowing for tight and precise turns in the pocket of the wave. This design is based on the low aspect HS212 (chopped HS232), which was found to be ideal for foil surfing. The Surf 205 has been further refined, with modifications to the foil section, planform and thickness, providing the ultimate freedom on the wave.


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  • Derived from the HS212 (chopped 232).
  • Developed in conjunction with the new MA foil range.
  • New section and thinner profile with more camber.
  • Lower aspect for surfing in the pocket.
  • Consistent pitch stability.

The foil section is slim, yet features a prominent camber, which decreases drag and enhances lift, forward movement and acceleration.

Linear pitch characteristics across the entire speed range help to evenly distribute pressure between the front and back foot, reducing the sudden increases in lift during acceleration and deceleration on the wave.

With great responsiveness and control, it is the perfect choice for advanced foilers looking for a high performance setup.



Area: 205cm2
Span: 344mm
Aspect Ratio: 5.9
Angle relative to fuselage: 1.5 deg.


The new Armstrong 205 is available at wak-style.com contact us for more info and advice. Free EU shipping