Foil wing by Armstrong


Packing more power in a smaller size, radical responsiveness, and greater comfort, the A-Wing V2 was engineered, designed, and tested to be a natural extension of your body. No matter your experience or riding style, the A-Wing V2 is tailored to fuel your progression.

Features and Specs

The Airframe, Evolved 
More power, better balance. The heart of the V2 lies within its deep camber, large-diameter airframe, known for remarkable power, hang time in jumps, and balanced feel. For increased canopy stiffness, weve coupled an X-ply power panel across the central load zone with redefined sail tension and seams. Together, these improvements help you pump onto foil more easily, jump higher, and ride a smaller wing than ever before. 

Better Handles Handle Better
Our most powerful and durable wing yet is now also our most comfortable. Short handle loops provide a more tunable, balanced feel to reduce arm fatigue, and double stitching translates to the most direct response possible. Prefer a boom? Throw on the included Power Bar mini boom and modulate your setup for easy tacking and gybing. 

Visibility is Crucial
In a crowd, it’s critical to see your fellow riders. That’s why we’ve designed the V2’s windows specifically to increase visibility from front to back without compromising weight or stiffness. Best of all, these windows are foldable, transforming your pack down into a no brainer. 

A Legacy of Durability
Added aramid reinforcements and a leash lock webbing strap keep it together when things get hectic, whether you’re in the surf or back on land. 

Key Features Summary 

  • The V2’s deep-camber leading edge and X-ply power panel deliver more grunt in a smaller size.
  • Redefined canopy tension and seams put flutter where it belongs: in the past.
  • Short handle loops reduce gripping effort and save energy. Optimally placed back handles reduce body twist when riding toe-side, increasing comfort and upwind ability.
  • The included Power Bar mini boom offers seamless tacks and gybes.
  • Strategically placed windows are optimized for visibility. Plus, they fold for easy pack-down.
  • Durable aramid cloth patches bring defense against sharp objects to a new level.

The A-Wing comes complete with carry bag, Wrist leash, Power Link Bar and in five optimal sizes, 2.5m/3.5m/4.5m/5.5m and 6.5m
We also include a free repair kit with original rip stop material in all colors used in the wings..(for when you put your foil through the canopy)

Please select the A-Wing size and pump option required.