Sabfoil Leviathan 1550 Pump Foil Foil Kit With 73P Mast

Sabfoil Leviathan 1550 Dockstart Foil Kit With 73P Mast

The pump foil machine

Finally at Sabfoil are available complete pump foil kits that wil bring your dockstart skills to the next level. Dockstarting is getting more and moe popular due to the fact that is possible to practice, almost, everywhere this sport and there is no need of wind or particular meteo conditions. The Leviathan kit 1550 is ideal if you are getting started with this amazing sport, super easy to pump and with endless glide, will put you a smile on your face and make your friends at the dock jealous of your long runs.

If you're looking to get into pump foiling in light winds and flatwater, the Leviathan 1550  hydrofoil kit is the perfect choice. Its efficient design offers smooth take-offs and exceptional gliding. The stiff mast (M73PLK) provides stability and control during pumping sessions, and the gullwing shape stabilizer (S380) is perfect for easy pumping. The front wing (WL1550) with its high aspect ratio allows for superior gliding, making it great for SUP sessions too. With easy starts, long glides, and fun flat water days, the Leviathan 1350 hydrofoil kit is an excellent option.

The kit includes:

  • M73PLK 2024 high stiffness mast
  • Wl 1550 front wing
  • S425 stab
  • F663K fuse
  • Foil Bag 
  • Q01K (quick release kit) included

Check the video below where i ride exactly this kit :)

 The Wake-style.com review


The Sabfoil Leviathan 1550 is hands down the best pump foil set available right now. 

This kit will suite beginners and pros thanks to the insane glide and pump ability.

The super stiff 73P mast has a super direct feel and allows for extra efficiency. Compare to the other kits on the market, the Leviathan glides 20% better, (i'm talking about dockstart pump foiling), this means that if you are looking to make your new long distance pr or to crack your first long runs, you are looking at the right pump foil set


For test and demo please contact the shop..See you on the dock!!!

If you are looking for a new dockstart set contact the shop wake-style.com for advice and info. It is possible also to test material. Fast eu shipping and friendly service