Sabfoil Leviathan PRO 1160 | T8 Hydrofoil Front Wing

Sabfoil Leviathan PRO 1160 | T8 Hydrofoil Front Wing

Fast DW and dockstart machine


Recommended forFast Downwind - Pumping - Dock-Start - Pump Race - SUP - SUP Race - Downwind
Take Off Speed10 - 12 kn
Top End Speed (average 80kg user)25 - 27 kn
Wing-Fuselage ConnectionT8

Sabfoil's most radical downwind weapon.

We designed this line with the clear goal to break records.

No compromise, just pure speed and gliding pleasure with its ultra-high AR.

Built to win downwind and pump races.

Its large size makes it unsuitable for jumps and freestyle.



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Dimension Value
Front Wing - Span 1160 mm
Front Wing - Surface 1083 cm2
Front Wing - Root Chord 115 mm
Front Wing - Aspect Ratio 12.42
Front Wing - Maximum Thickness 14 mm
Front Wing - Volume 878 cm3
Front Wing - Weight (ca.)
Front Wing - Material Full Carbon (no foam core)
Front Wing - Connection T8

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