Artness V2 Harness Line

Artness V2 Harness Line

Take a break from navigation and extend your sessions in comfort with Artness®. Prevent repetitive strain and tendonitis by trying out our retractable harness line, designed to eliminate dangling lines during navigation.

Navigate effortlessly and stay focused on your maneuvers with Artness®, which has been tested in both races and freestyle and is trusted by top professional riders.

- **Ergonomics**: The redesigned, ergonomic fastening parts are more compact and visually discreet, making Artness® even less intrusive than before.
- **Installation**: Easy to install with a detachable scratch attachment and wider Velcro® for better tension distribution and grip. The bungee cord’s end-hook system prevents knots.
- **Durability**: Each component has been tested for strength, with a total system resistance exceeding 300 kg (2.94 kN). Features include a 16 mm widened Velcro®, an abrasion-resistant polyurethane tube, and a pulley that preserves the bungee cord with smooth sliding.

- Adjustable line length from 22" (56 cm) to 34" (88 cm)
- Compatible with all sail types
- Registered product and brand

- 3D-printed in PLA
- Dyneema®
- Flexible polyurethane
- Velcro® fastener

For ultimate durability, consider equipping each sail with its own Artness®. All products are crafted from quality materials in France. 🇫🇷

The harness and Artness® pack are available now.