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North Nova Pro


North Nova Pro

Sizes: 2.9 //3.5 //4.2 //5.0 // 6.0

Experience the exceptional versatility and performance of the North Nova Pro, the freeride wing in its lighter and stiffer "pro" version, now featured at Wake-style.com. North describes this wing as balanced, user-friendly, and all-around, boasting a wide wind range. Its equilibrium is achieved through powerful low-end capabilities and stability at high winds, making it especially suited for all-round/wave scenarios due to its relatively light and easy handling.

The Nova Pro is designed for everyone from beginners to professionals, offering impressive upwind performance and smooth handling through all your turns, whether upwind or downwind. This control is particularly noticeable when navigating waves!

So, what sets the Nova Pro apart as a "Pro" model?

  • - A leading edge and strut made from hybrid N-Weave45, which is stiffer and lighter than regular Dacron.
  • - The canopy is crafted from hybrid Matrix material. North uses this term for the material placed behind the LE in the canopy, dubbed "Matrix," which is 10 times stronger, ensuring an optimal wing shape and creating a stiffer and more efficient frame for the LE and the canopy. The other half is made from regular ripstop polyester.
  • - Carbon Udi tape on the wingtips for optimized wingtip flex (flexibility when you want to shed power but sufficient stiffness for effective pumping).

What's included in the bag:
Wing, wrist leash, bag, repair kit, Sonar T40 tool.

Extra accessories (available separately):

  • - ShiftLock Carbon Wing Handles (250, 400, 500, or Boom 1100 mm),
  • - Shiftlock Action Camera mount, Kite/Wing Pump, Wing Waist Belt, Wing Harness Loop.

Shiftlock introduces a modular attachment system for various handles, allowing for customization of handle type and placement according to personal preference, which can evolve as you learn.

These handles are sold separately!

Discover the North Nova Pro's advanced features and unparalleled performance for yourself at Wake-style.com, and take your wingfoiling to the next level with a wing that excels in control, versatility, and efficiency across a broad range of conditions.

Why buy the Nova Pro

Here are compelling reasons why the North Nova Pro is a must-buy for wingfoiling enthusiasts:

1. **Superior Construction**: The North Nova Pro's use of hybrid N-Weave45 for the leading edge and strut, along with the hybrid Matrix material for the canopy, ensures a wing that's not just lightweight but exceptionally rigid and durable. This construction enhances performance and longevity.

2. **Optimized Performance**: Designed for both beginners and pros, the Nova Pro offers excellent upwind capabilities and is incredibly user-friendly. Its balanced design allows for smooth handling in all types of conditions, from flat water to waves.

3. **Advanced Design Features**: With carbon Udi tape on the wingtips for optimized flex, the Nova Pro allows for efficient power management and effective pumping. The unique V-nose shape and recessed concave deck also contribute to its superior speed, lift, and glide efficiency.

4. **Versatility**: This wing is highlighted as an all-rounder, making it perfect for various styles of riding, including freeride, wave, and downwind. Its wide wind range means you can enjoy wingfoiling in almost any condition.

5. **Customizable Experience**: Thanks to the ShiftLock system, riders can customize handle placement according to their preference and riding style, which is essential for comfort and performance over long sessions.

6. **Comprehensive Package**: The Nova Pro comes with everything you need to get started, including a wrist leash, bag, repair kit, and tool. Additional accessories are also available, allowing you to tailor your setup further.

7. **Riding Innovation**: By choosing the North Nova Pro, you're not just buying a wing; you're investing in the latest wingfoiling innovation. Its design and materials represent the cutting edge of what's possible in the sport, providing an unmatched riding experience.

Purchasing the North Nova Pro from Wake-style.com not only ensures you're getting an authentic and high-quality product but also connects you with a community passionate about water sports, offering expert advice and support. Elevate your wingfoiling journey with the North Nova Pro and feel the difference in every glide.