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Rent a complete wing foil kit at Wake-style.com

At Wakestyle we offer the possibility of renting a complete foil wing set on location. This means that we will meet at the spot ( on a windy day) and you will be able to rent a wingsurf kit and get all the necessary help for mounting and getting on the water.

Renting is ideal for everyone who doesn't know yet what gear to buy, like this you will be able to decide which is the right size wing, board or hydrofoil for you.

Rent options .

  • Wing only: ideal if you want to try a new wing or another size
  • Wing & Sup: Ideal if you want to get familiar with wingsurfing
  • Complete foil wing set : You will get complete set that includes a wing, a board and a hydrofoil. Don't worry about the wind strenght, we have always the right wing size for you.





Wing or Foil

Wing + Sup


1 uur

€ 20

€ 25

€ 35

2 uur

€ 35

€ 45

€ 65

3 uur

€ 50

€ 65

€ 80

1 day

€ 85

€ 115

€ 150

















Impact vest / Helmet

1 uur

€ 5

€ 3

2 uur

€ 8

€ 5

3 uur

€ 10

€ 7

1 day

€ 18

€ 12

What gear i'm going to rent?

At  Wake-style we offer the possibility to rent  the newest wings and hydrofoils on the market. The choice may vary according to our stock availability. You can find the following brands:



  • Cabrinha Mantis V2 / Cabrinha X3
  • F-one Swing
  • Ensis Spin


  • Neil Pryde
  • Sabfoil (only for advanced)
  • F-One
  • Reptile


Jp Wing Air 6.0 130lt : The Jp Wing air is a fantastic inflatable board, thanks to the triple dropstich construction and the carbon plate placed under it, offers a performance similar to a composite board.

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Why renting with us?

At Wakestyle we love what we do and we are passionate about wingsurfing. On the beach and on the water you will get tip and assistance so you can make the best out of your day. With the "rent on location" formula, you will be able to rent the equipment at the best location. Wind and water conditions are always different and quickly change, we offer a flexible service that allows you to choose the spot and to enjoy the best wind conditions

Frequently asked questions
How does it work?

If you like to rent wing equipment, fill in the contact form and we will get in touch with you. We will decide together when and where is the best spot acording to your skills and the weather conditions

Can every one rent?
Where is possible to rent?
How much wind i need?
What if i damage the gear?
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