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Duotone Downwinder SLS Foil Board


Downwind and light wind wing specific foil board


Experience uncompromised efficiency with the Duotone Downwinder SLS! Our Downwinder has undergone a complete redesign, resulting in three sleek and lightweight shapes that effortlessly get you onto the foil and allow you to cover miles in flight.

Among the earliest projects tackled by the Spencer brothers Finn and Jeffrey upon joining Team Duotone was the complete overhaul of the Duotone Downwinder SLS shapes. This effort has yielded designs that are streamlined, rapid, and slender, boasting an efficient glide that propels you forward with just a few paddle strokes, even on the slightest wave. In our 2024 collection, we proudly introduce four specialized sizes: from the compact 6'4" x 19" and 6'10" x 20", to the mid-sized 7'2" x 21", and the stable and user-friendly 7'8" x 22.5". These sizes offer volumes of 85, 95, 115, and 135 liters, respectively.

Sporting low rocker, elongated outlines, and clean bottom contours, these Duotone Downwinder SLS boards are remarkably adept at achieving take-off speeds. Once in motion, the slender pin tails, particularly pronounced on the larger models, seamlessly enter the water, allowing you to pump the board and foil for a swift take-off. The rounded rails in the nose region are less susceptible to snagging and inadvertent steering, ensuring forgiving and neutral take-offs and touchdowns, enabling you to concentrate on navigating the waves rather than your board's behavior.

The remarkable glide and rapid acceleration of the Duotone Downwinder SLS make it an exceptional performer even in light wind conditions for Wing Foiling!

Crafted with a lightweight full carbon construction, these Duotone Downwinder SLS boards necessitate careful handling. Recognizing that the board's weight is pivotal for optimal paddle-up performance, we've embraced an uncompromising technology for our 2024 Downwinders.




  • **OUTLINE**
  •  Designed with low rocker, narrow width, and stretched outline for optimal glide performance.


  • **RAILS**
  • Equipped with sleek pin tails featuring pronounced rail bevels (7’2” & 7’8”) for exceptional pumping efficiency.
  •  **NOSE SHAPE**
  • Forgiving rounded rails in the nose section ensure neutral steering, enhancing stability and control.
  •  **FLAT DECK**
  •  Crafted using Biax Carbon Custom Sandwich Technology.
  • Incorporates reduced graphic applications to achieve minimal weight while maximizing efficiency.


6'4" 85 L 19" / 48 CM 6'4" / 193 CM TBA 2X US FOIL TRACKS < 85 KG NO 266C
6'10" 95 L 20" / 50.8 CM 6'10" / 208 CM TBA 2X US FOIL TRACKS < 95 KG NO 266C
7'2" 115 L 21" / 53 CM 7'2" / 218 CM TBA 2X US FOIL TRACKS < 100 KG NO 266C
7'8" 135 L 22.5" / 57 CM 7'8" / 233 CM TBA 2X US FOIL TRACKS < 110 KG NO 266C


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