Duotone Wing Set Aero Glide SLS

Duotone Wing Set Aero Glide SLS

High Aspect, endless glide


The Duotone Aero Glide range is complementing have highly efficient high aspect designs, offering endless glide, downwind performance and pumping abilities, crossed with a lively and fun maneuverability you wouldn't expect from wings with such span.

As the name suggests - The Duotone Aero Glide foils are  made to glide for long distances effortlessly. Our four smaller sizes from the fast and agile 725 to the larger 1305 were introduced in spring 2023 with an incredible response for their mix of accessible glide performance, control and maneuverability. All these wings come in aspect ratio around 9.5. With emphasis on efficiency, speed and low drag these wings like to be ridden with a slightly more active riding style that suits the level of intermediate to advanced riders. Once on flight mode, the Aero Glide wings are very intuitive to ride thanks to their predictable behavior.





    • Incredibly accessible glide performance

    • Fast & agile in smaller sizes
    • Lifty and emphasis on Pump & Downwind in larger sizes

    • Low drag and slippery

    • Good and direct turning response for wings of such span
  • NEW 1595

    • New 1595 with focus on easiest possible entry into downwind foiling (AR 10.6)
  • NEW 2145

    • New 2145 with focus on easiest possible dock starts and pumping efficiency (special profile and outline)



Size info:

  • Glide 725: Experience thrilling speed and seamless glide with minimal resistance. The Duotone Glide 725 is tailored for the seasoned rider. Harness its waves for a crisp and immediate response. Leverage its swift motion for dynamic Freestyle pops. It's also ideal for expert Windsurf Foilers
  • Glide 905: The Glide 905 is a must-have for every seasoned rider's collection. It's swift, boasts prolonged glide, and is versatile enough for Freestyle. Despite its 90+ cm span, it offers impressively agile turns. It's also a top pick for expert Windsurf Foilers.
  • Glide 1085 :Boasting a 1m span, the Glide 1085 promises exceptional flight experiences. Employ it for downwinders on subtle swells and soar without touching down. It strikes a harmonious balance between lift and speed while still being versatile for Freestyling, particularly in gentle wind scenarios.
  • Glide 1305: The ideal choice for light wind conditions, best suited for riders of light to medium weight. This model stands out for its excellent blend of efficient pumpability and commendable maneuverability. Heavier riders, weighing 80+ kg, will appreciate its performance in moderate to stronger winds, perfect for honing their tacks and gybes. Once you take off, staying airborne feels effortless.
  • Glide 1595: The 1595 is a fresh addition to the Glide lineup, boasting a top aspect ratio (AR) of 10.6. In this model, was favored unparalleled glide capabilities, even if it meant slightly compromising on its maneuverability. Its distinctiveness sets it apart from anything else in our collection. All it takes is the slightest ripple, and this wing will carry you forward.
    Designed specifically for SUP downwinding, the 1595 pairs perfectly with our new downwind boards. Its remarkable glide efficiency combined with minimal drag makes it an excellent choice for light wind winging, particularly for those on the heavier side. Both intermediate and advanced riders will relish using this wing for dock starts and seamless flat-water pumping.
  • Glide 2145: For the new Glide 2145, the goal was simple: create a wing that makes dock starting as easy as possible. It features a unique profile, distinct from the rest of the Glide series, which stalls much later, making it ideal for dock starting.

    Its broad 143cm span ensures sustained lift with minimal effort. Although perfect for winging in extremely light conditions—especially when combined with the new Downwinder SLS and a Ventis in hand—expect speeds around the 15-knot mark.

Sizes and Specs

725 / 112.4 83 / 32.6 9.5 P 165 M8X30 M8X30 M8X30 15 NM
905 / 140.3 92 / 36.6 9.4 P 180 M8X30 M8X30 M8X30 15 NM
1085 / 168.2 100 / 39.5 9.3 P 200 M8X30 M8X30 M8X30 15 NM
1305 / 202.3 110 / 43.4 9.3 P 200 M8X30 M8X30 M8X30 15 NM
1595 / 247,2 130 / 51.3 10.6 P 220 M8X30 M8X30 M8X30 15 NM
2145 / 332,5 143 / 56.4 9.6 P 220 M8X30 M8X30 M8X30 15 NM

increments, to suit your particular riding style, or the conditions on a given day.

For 2024Duotone added two large siblings to the family of the Aero Glide, the 130cm wide 1595 with an AR of 10.6 and the pumping oriented 2145, with a span of 143cm and AR of 9.6.

The Duotone Aero Glide 1595 is the perfect match for everyone getting into downwinders. This wing will help you getting up and connect even the smallest bumps, due to its insane glide. The 1595 still has the same fast and low drag profile and overall character of the smaller Glide wings and works great for light wind winging and pumping.

Fordock-starter Duotone  developed the 2145 with a thicker profile and its own outline, with very low stall speed for the easiest possible dock starts and pumping experience in flatwater conditions for any level of rider.

Our mast/fuselage setup is known to be one of the strongest systems in the market and we’re proud to take this stable and predictable behavior into wings with such wide spans.

All Glide wings are complemented by our high-performance Stabilizer P in 165, 180, 200 and the new 220 for the largest additions of the Glide range.

Whether you're into downwind runs, pumping, connecting waves when prone foiling or just like a fast and effortless sensation with low drag and high efficiency, when winging or Windsurf Foiling - you should have a go on the Aero Glide.

Stabilizer P

Our latest range of stabilizers, specially designed to complement our Carve 2.0 and Glide ranges.

The P series stands for performance! We increased the aspect ratio of the stabilizers so that they would produce more lift whilst being smaller in surface area.

Doing so helped us decreasing the drag and increasing the maneuvrability without loosing that high speed control which our foils are famous for.

The P Stabilizers are available in four sizes, 165/180/200/220. Each of them slightly tweaked to work perfectly with our new front wings.

These new stabs are almost completely flat and have lost the little winglets which can be found on our other range: the C Stabilizers.

By making these changes we were able to loosen the feel in the turns, which gives an exciting flavour to our new front wings.

Take full advantage of our brand new thin shims and tweak the angle of attack of your stabilizer by +/- 0.3 degrees 

The New Duotone Aero Glide line is available at wake-style.com

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