Aztron Forest Surf Skate 34"

Aztron Forest Surf Skate 34"

Introducing the Aztron Forest Surfskate:

**PRODUCT:** FOREST Surfskate

- Length: 34"
- Width: 9.75"
- Height: 5.4"

- SX 4.0 TRUCK
- 65*51MM WHEELS

**ITEM NO.:** AK-304

The FOREST 34 offers an excellent balance of length and width, making it incredibly easy to pump and providing exceptional stability for cruising.


- **Surfboard Inspired Board Shape:** Drawing inspiration from surfboards, the FOREST 34 features a mid-length deck that suits most riders. Its surfboard-inspired swallowtail design adds a touch of fun to the board, enhancing maneuverability and enabling quick cutbacks, much like carving new lines on a wave.

- **100% Canadian Maple Sandwich Deck:** The deck boasts a top and bottom veneer made from Canadian Maple, sandwiching double-layer birch layers in the middle. This construction delivers the stiffness and dynamics needed for riders to snap the tail and carve at high speeds. With a 7-ply deck that is short and highly responsive, it provides riders with a familiar feel akin to shortboard surfing.

- **Premium Sandpaper:** The deck is coated with premium sandpaper, ensuring strength and durability. This premium sandpaper offers exceptional adhesion and grip, catering to skateboard riders of all levels. The high-quality deck enhances rider grip, resulting in better tricks and enhanced safety.

- **Color Insert Deck:** All AZTRON skateboards come customized with a sandwich color insert ply, adding unique characteristics and maximizing visual impact.

- **Mellow Concave Deck with High Tail and Kick Pad:** The FOREST features a Mellow Concave deck that is relatively flat, facilitating easy footwork and providing comfort during long-distance cruising. Similar to a surfboard, the FOREST incorporates a diamond-grooved tail pad for locking your toes and heel in when making turns or stops. The tail kick insert further enhances control and drive.

- **SX 4.0 PU Truck System:** The SX 4.0 surfing PU trucks enable effortless pumping and generate speed with a tighter and more responsive feel.

- **65mm/78A Wheels with ABEC 9 Bearing:** The 65mm wheels deliver exceptional grip and maximum comfort while riding. The 78A mid-to-soft wheels encourage riders to pump and generate speed, replicating the experience of a surfer on a surfboard. These wheels offer outstanding grip and responsiveness.

Elevate your skating experience with the Aztron Forest Surfskate.