Aztron Gravity Surf Skate 42"

Aztron Gravity Surf Skate 42"

Introducing the Aztron Gravity Surfskate:

**PRODUCT:** GRAVITY Surfskate / Training

- Length: 42"
- Width: 10.25"
- Height: 5.27"

- SX 4.0 TRUCK
- 70*51MM WHEELS

**ITEM NO.:** AK-420

"Pave your own wave path!" The GRAVITY 42 is the perfect fusion of surfing and skateboarding, offering a smooth and enjoyable off-season training experience. Inspired by classic longboards from the surfing world, GRAVITY provides ample room for practicing cross-steps, wide turns, and nose rides.


- **Classic Longboard Shape with Round Nose:** Featuring a classic longboard shape with a rounded nose, perfect for toes-over style riding.

- **CST Sandwich Deck Tech with 7-ply Canadian Maple Wood:** The deck combines the strength of Canadian Maple wood with a CST Sandwich construction, ensuring stiffness and dynamism for snapping the tail and achieving top-speed carving.

- **Transparent and Black Sandpaper:** The deck boasts a combination of transparent and black sandpaper for superior grip and aesthetics.

- **Squared Tail for Responsive Turns:** Equipped with a squared tail, GRAVITY delivers responsive turns and smooth carving, emulating the surf style.

- **Surf Style ABEC 9 Chrome Bearing:** Crafted with surf-style ABEC 9 chrome bearings, complete with spacers and speed washers for exceptional performance.

- **Longboard Style for Surf or Snowboard Training:** Designed in a longboard style, GRAVITY serves as an ideal choice for surf or snowboard training, offering extreme smooth carving and versatility.

- **SX 4.0 PU Truck System:** The SX 4.0 surfing PU trucks provide easy pumping and generate speed with a tight and responsive feel.

- **70*51mm 78A Wheels Snow White:** Fitted with 70mm/78A polyurethane wheels in a striking Snow White color, ensuring strong ground traction and a comfortable ride. The soft 78A formula smooths out even the roughest roads, making it excellent for downhill riding.

Experience the thrill of the Aztron Gravity Surfskate, where you can pave your own wave path and take your skills to the next level.