Cabrinha H Series Front Wing

Cabrinha H Series Front Wing


Cabrinha H-Series Front Wing: Elevate Your Wingsurfing Experience

Upgrade your Carbinha foil with the cutting-edge H-Series Front Wing, designed to take your wingsurfing to new heights. These wings are the epitome of speed and high performance, boasting a sleek profile that ensures optimal aerodynamics. Seamlessly integrated into the CabFusion system, the H-Series Front Wing aligns perfectly, creating a harmonious wingsurfing setup.

Engineered for peak performance in waves, the H-Series Foils guarantee an unparalleled experience. Whether you're craving exhilarating high-speed carve turns, precise pocket maneuvers, or gracefully navigating lengthy waves, these foils deliver it all.

What's Included:


  • Front Wing
  • Wing Covers
  • Screws

Key Features of the Cabrinha H-Series Front Wing:


  • Unmatched agility for exceptional maneuvering capabilities
  • Streamlined design allowing for an extensive range of speeds
  • Impressive rigidity, ensuring durability over time
  • Fused fuselage with a tapered fit for seamless integration
  • Exceptional torsional stiffness, enhancing stability
  • Crafted entirely from prepreg carbon for lightweight strength
  • PMT Core technology for an optimal balance between robustness and weight
  • Moderate anhedral shape for efficient lift generation
  • Performance akin to a high-performance racecar

Elevate your wingsurfing adventure with the Cabrinha H-Series Front Wing and experience a new realm of control, speed, and excitement on the water.