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Cabrinha Swift Foil Board


Downwind foil board


SIZES: 5'8 X 19" X 5.4" - 85L / 6'3 X 20" X 5.4" - 100L / 6'9 X 21" X 6.1" - 125L

Wingfoiling has witnessed remarkable advancements, from the inception of the first inflatable wing to the development of high aspect foils and composite wide-span handles. Now, we're stepping into the future with the next major leap in the evolution of the sport.

Meet the Cabrinha Swift: A pioneering board designed with a displacement hull, tailored specifically for wingfoil with an optimized volume distribution and size. This board is a game-changer, crafted to enhance performance in light wind conditions and to stand as the go-to board in any collection for all riding styles, whether in flat water or waves.

The Cabrinha Swift's distinctive hull shape and volume distribution synergize with the wing's power, facilitating effortless lift and foiling. The board's high cut rails elevate its status, making it not only the premier choice for light wind conditions but also a top contender for wave riding.

Experience the Cabrinha Swift and revolutionize your ride and the realm of possibilities.


  • - Sizes: 5'8", 6'3", 6'9"
  • - Board Weight: 5.1 kg, 5.6 kg, 6.5 kg (Tolerances may vary)

**Design Profile:**

**Key Features:**
- **Wing Foil Design:** The industry's first wing-foil-specific displacement hull design, crafted with intention.
- **CarbonLite Construction:** Features an ultra-light, buoyant EPS core encased in a full carbon wrap for unmatched performance.
- **Recessed Deck:** A significant recess increases volume distribution at the nose for quicker starts, while positioning your feet closer to the foil for enhanced control and responsiveness.
- **V Nose:** The Swift's unique nose design translates speed and power into directional movement like never before.
- **Rails and Tails:** Engineered with pulled-in chine rails and a smooth pin tail for seamless forward motion and water release during wave carves.
- **Breathability:** A membrane vent plug on the deck self-adjusts to changes in altitude and temperature, ensuring optimal performance.

**Wingfoil Construction:**
Our specific wingfoil construction addresses the unique forces encountered in the sport, featuring a lightweight EPS core reinforced with Bamboo and a uni-directional carbon stringer for unparalleled durability.

**Recessed Concave Deck:** Enhances volume distribution at the board's tips for earlier starts and brings feet closer to the foil for increased reactivity and maneuverability.

**Rail Chines:** Straight edge rails assist in initial forward drive and during carves and turns, providing new levels of water release.

**V Nose Shape:** Its efficient glide through water ensures minimal resistance during take-offs.

**Tucked-in Tail:** The Swift's tail design enhances water efficiency and ease of lift-off, with high chines and a pin tail for improved carving clearance.

**Style Selector:**
- Beginning Foiling
- Intermediate Foiling
- Expert Foiling

**Performance Factors:**
- Lift Factor
- Speed Factor / Lean
- Maneuverability
- Recovery

"The Swift redefines light wind take-offs, offering incredible forward momentum in the slightest breeze. It's hard to find unrideable days with the Swift in your quiver!" - Alby Rondina


Discover at wake-style,.com how the Cabrinha Swift can transform your wingfoiling experience and redefine what's possible on the water.