Aztron Space Surf Skate 40"

Aztron Space Surf Skate 40"

Introducing the Aztron Space Surfskate:

**PRODUCT:** SPACE Surfskate

- Length: 40"
- Width: 9.75"
- Height: 4.1"

- SX 4.0 TRUCK
- 70*51MM WHEELS

**ITEM NO.:** AK-604

The SPACE 40" is the ultimate surfskate, combining all the coolest elements for an exhilarating riding experience. It offers a surfskating experience that closely mimics the feeling of surfing in the water, making it an ideal choice for surf training on dry days. Crafted with a 100% Canadian Maple deck featuring center carbon inlay technology, it stands at the pinnacle of longboards in its class. Inspired by the concept of SPACE, this board showcases all the coolest elements.


- **40-Inch Longboard Outline:** Inspired by surfboards, the SPACE boasts a narrow pin nose and an ultra-long 40-inch outline, catering to larger riders and long-distance cruising enthusiasts. The extended wheelbase allows riders to position their feet in a manner that mirrors their stance on a surfboard.

- **100% Canadian Maple Deck:** Constructed with a robust 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple deck, sourced from the finest veneers in Eastern Canada. Canadian Maple is a tried-and-true material used in the world's best skateboards.

- **Carbon Inlay Run-Down:** The advanced 3K Carbon Inlay at the center of the deck yields a super-strong yet lightweight board with a stunning finish.

- **Mellow Concave Deck:** The Mellow Concave deck offers a relatively flat surface, facilitating easy footwork and ensuring a comfortable ride, particularly during leisurely cruises.

- **Raised Tail with Tail Kick Pad:** The high tail is perfect for surf-style maneuvers like sharp turns and cutbacks. Similar to a surfboard, the SPACE features a diamond-grooved tail pad that secures your toes and heel during turns or stops. The tail kick insert further enhances control and drive.

- **SX 4.0 PU Truck System:** The SX 4.0 surfing PU trucks provide easy pumping and generate speed with a tighter and more responsive feel.

- **70MM*78A Wheels with ABEC 9 Bearing:** The 70MM/78A polyurethane wheels offer strong ground traction and a comfortable ride. The soft 78A formula smooths out rough roads and excels in downhill riding.

Elevate your surfskating experience with the Aztron Space Surfskate.