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F-One Strike V3 Wing


Elevating Performance and Durability


 Sizes: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, and 5.5 m².


In this latest iteration of the iconic STRIKE, our R&D team has meticulously focused on three critical aspects: material enhancement, strategic material placement, and a redesigned structure for superior performance and extended lifespan.

**Material Innovation:**
The STRIKE V3's inflatable structure incorporates groundbreaking materials, featuring HITEX 158g and 178g. This innovative high-tenacity polyester, exclusive to F-ONE, brings exceptional resistance to elongation, translating to enhanced durability and overall performance.

The central strut, benefiting from HITEX 158g and its independent valve, boasts a slender diameter and precise pressure control. Longitudinal reinforcements fortify its shape and resilience.

Strategically, the four central segments adjacent to the strut employ HITEX 178g, while the wingtip's four outer segments use 158g. This meticulous distribution accounts for varied tensions, high pressures, and weight allocation in this area. A thin leading edge diameter at the wingtips ensures agility, comfort, glide, lightness, and reduced inertia.

For optimal tensile strength and resistance, the trailing edge features a thicker TECHNOFORCE™/D2 in 66g. The rest of the wing's canopy employs TECHNOFORCE™/D2 in 52g.

**Advanced Wing Design:**
Leveraging Sail Engineering, we have revolutionized the wing's design, meticulously aligning it with the new materials and tensions. Each panel on the STRIKE V3 is strategically positioned to bear specific loads. The front of the wing incorporates horizontal panels interspersed with vertical seams, complemented by innovative radial center panels that meticulously track load trajectories. A vertical panel in 66g controls the trailing edge, with radial cuts at the wingtips and back of the strut distributing tensions. This precision ensures unprecedented stretch control along load paths.

This meticulous load management broadens the STRIKE's wind range at both high and low ends, expanding the wind strengths in which the wing operates optimally.

Staggered seams enhance the fabric's performance, maintaining a streamlined profile even under load. The wing's profile remains stable and controlled, particularly in the high end, ensuring a balanced ride with exceptional comfort.

Innovative trailing edge tensions and radial cuts enhance performance and control. The Load Diffuser, situated on the back of the strut, incorporates overlapping hard Mylar and Dacron panels, enhancing sleekness, efficiency, stability, performance, and durability.

Every reinforcement has undergone review to ensure durability and weight efficiency.

The STRIKE V3's unparalleled stability enables a flatter dihedral angle and a larger projected area, enhancing power and pumping abilities for planing starts. The more compact outline with reduced span offers improved pumpability and ride, while the center of traction optimally balances the rider.

Profile revisions have brought added comfort and control in strong winds, with impressive high-end potential and forward traction.

**Enhanced Handles and Control:**
The handles have been rigidified for enhanced control, maintaining a lightweight construction free of hard components. The grippy, ergonomic handles ensure flexibility, aligning your wrist with your arm and enabling a more natural sheeting position.

**Unmatched Performance and Control:**
Thanks to its refined design and precise material placement, the STRIKE V3 achieves aerodynamic excellence, ensuring perfect profile control and minimized deformations. The wing's lightweight and freefly stability enable extended surfs and downwinds while maintaining trajectory focus.

Its legendary planing and pumping power have been enhanced, delivering exceptional upwind abilities with consistent traction across the wind range. Glide enthusiasts seeking speed, control, and comfort will find it in the STRIKE V3, with surprising freestyle and jumping capabilities.

The STRIKE V3, a remarkable advancement over its predecessor, caters to riders of all levels, from professionals to those new to wing foiling.

Experience the future of wing foiling with the STRIKE V3. Available in various sizes: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, and 5.5 m².