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Groove G- Wave Foilboard


Wave wingfoilboard

Dive into the waves with the new G-WAVE! This board is lightweight, responsive, and engineered to maximize your sea sessions, even in light wind conditions.

Its elongated shape and cutting-edge design make the G-Wave an ideal choice for those seeking agility in the waves without sacrificing ease of use. Its well-distributed volume ensures an intuitive experience, perfect for both seasoned surfers and newcomers to foil.

**Included Features:**

  • - Foot straps included
  • - Dimensions: 75 Lt – 171 x 55 cm – 4.9 kg
  • - Available fin setups: US Box / Tuttle Box / US + Tuttle Box
  • - Board Bag available for €130 (not included)
  • - Free Shipping within Italy

**Customization Options:**

it is possible to let this board be produced following personal shape preferences, send an email or contact the shop

Experience the thrill of wave riding like never before with the G-WAVE, designed for dynamic performance and supreme agility on the water.