JP AllroundAir LE Allround SUP 10.6

JP AllroundAir LE Allround SUP 10.6

Double Layer and Welded Seam SUP


Are you a beginner or do you already have some SUP experience? Are you looking for a board that can do it all? Then check out the JP AllroundAir LE.

The AllroundAir is the most versatile model in the JP selection. Whether you want to paddle on flat water, surf small waves, or even try beginner whitewater SUP, the AllroundAir is perfect for you. Even if you're a yoga enthusiast, the JP AllroundAir SUPs are ideal. This board is designed to showcase all the possibilities of Stand-Up Paddling.

A narrower nose minimizes water resistance, resulting in a faster and more efficient board with each paddle stroke. The parallel outline helps the board maintain its course, reducing the need to switch hands and saving you energy. A wider tail provides the stability you need for every SUP discipline. Thanks to the Welded Seam Technology, the LE (Light Edition) is even more airtight, ensuring years of enjoyment. The JP AllroundAir LE is available in 2 sizes:

10'6 X32 Inch, ideal for a load up to 87 KG 11'0 X33 Inch, ideal for a load up to 100 KG


  • Features of the JP AllroundAir LE 2021:

  • Allround SUP

  • Welded Seam

  • Technology

  • Bungee rope

  • Stability for all kinds of riders

  • Welded Seam Technology

What is the welded seam technology?

Welded Seam Technology is a manufacturing technique used in the construction of inflatable paddleboards, including the JP AllroundAir LE. This technology involves fusing or welding the seams of the board instead of using traditional adhesive bonding methods.

By utilizing high-frequency welding or heat sealing, the seams are securely bonded together, creating a stronger and more airtight seal. This eliminates the need for additional adhesives and reduces the risk of seam failure or air leakage.

The Welded Seam Technology enhances the overall durability and longevity of the paddleboard, ensuring that it remains airtight and maintains its structural integrity over time. It provides a reliable and robust construction that can withstand the rigors of paddling in different water conditions.

With Welded Seam Technology, the JP AllroundAir LE offers improved performance, stability, and longevity, allowing paddlers to enjoy their SUP adventures with peace of mind.


What's in the box: Fin + Pump + Back and repair kit