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Mystic Diva Impact Vest


Mystic Diva Impact Vest

The Diva Impact Vest is a must-have for the divas on your team. They have two colorways, Black and Rusty Red. But wait until you see what's inside! The outside of this vest features Knitflex+, with added Clash foam to protect from impact damage while we move around in it all day long--not only that but there are also sheets of Clash Foam built into our spine so we know when falls happen they're not going to end up hurting as much when they land (you'd be surprised how often falls can hurt back pain!). On the inside, both colors come complete with an awesome graphic print across its surface which will make any outfit look better than ever before--take note fashionistas because these vests


  • Ce approved
  • YKK Front-zip
  • Spine Protector
  • N on-padded harness waist part
  • Zipper Lock
  • Please note: This is not a floatation device / buoyancy aid