Neil Pryde Rise 5/4 FZ

Neil Pryde Rise 5/4 FZ


5/4 front zip wetsuit


Embrace the challenge with confidence. Equip yourself with the Rise performance wetsuit by Neilpryde to weather any conditions. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the new Rise is designed to offer even greater flexibility and warmth. Utilizing a super soft neoprene throughout the body and replacing the mesh panel with a double-lined material, this wetsuit now provides enhanced thermal insulation across the entire upper body. The outcome? A significant increase in flexibility paired with a heightened level of thermal protection, setting a new standard in wetsuit performance.

Explore the highlights of our wetsuits:

  • GBS Seams
  • Precision with every stitch.
  • - Glued and blind stitched (5/4 models)
  • Flatlock Seams
  • Durability meets flexibility.
  • - Strong flexible seams (all other models)
  • YKK Zipper
  • Premium quality for effortless closure.
  • Detachable Ankle Cinches
  • Secure fit for extreme surf conditions.
  • - Available in full leg models
  • Quick Zip System
  • Effortless entry and exit for convenience.
  • Key Loop
  • Secure storage for your essentials.
  • Amortex Kneepads
  • Enhanced knee protection against abrasive surfaces.