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North Mode Wing


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Performance & Speed Wing By North

3 sizes 4.2 m2 // 5.5 m2 // 7 m2


The new North Mode Wing has been designed with performance in mind. It features N-Weave woven fiber technology that's 3x stiffer and 40% lighter than traditional leading edge materials--which means you can transform every wind gust in pure forward energy! This new material also reduces structural deflection for fast response times when riding, expect more speed boots & hangtime for massive jumps. By developing this new material technology, North was able to create a stiffer wing without geometric compromise and maximize performance at high speeds. The Mode has an optimized design that lets you sail closer to the wind on higher upwind angles while reducing your need for tacking or gybing so reaching the mark as quickly as possible. The primary task for the Mode is speed but it excels also in jumps and freestyle. 3 sizes are available, 4.2 m2 and 5.5 m2 are strong wind oriented while the 7 m2 is designed specifically for light wind performance. The new layout of the wing is designed to reduce tip strike and increase tension under load. The rigid grip lock trim controls give you instant responsiveness, while the "Race" Window Positioning lets riders keep an eye on their opponents


  • 3x stiffer and 40% lighter
  • Upwind performance
  • Fast 
  • Good for big jumps & freestyle
  • 3 sizes: 4.2 m2 // 5.5 m2 // 7 m2


The Wakestyle Team Review


 The North Mode is a performance wing, thanks to the dyneema  material used for the frame, stiffness and efficiency are assured. The performance is comparable to the performance of the ALLUUla material but at a better price point. The long grab handles offer a Hand On boom like experience, it is possible to adjust the power on the wing at any moment. If you are looking for a powerful wind that performs in all wind conditions, from light to overpowered, the new North Mode will be the right choice.

Available at wake-style.com, contact us for test and demo